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"We are the proud owners of a wonderful facility here in Essex, which DG3 has helped to create, but it didn't stop there, they have continued to assist with our expansion plans culminating in the purchase of the adjacent land that more than doubles our space. DG3 have helped to secure our future."


Performers College, Corringham

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Design Group 3 LLP

Suite 201 Brewery House

High Street, Westerham

Kent TN16 1RG

+44 01959 563222

Peter Howard

Eng.Tech MIET



dg3 endeavour to create innovative, elegant and contemporary solutions, tailored to meet the requirements of our client.

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design group 3 

Caroline Osborne

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Design Group 3 LLP was formed in 2012 to deliver co-ordinated Architecture and MEP Services under a combined umbrella.  The Principals have  been responsible for major projects over the last 30 years, covering of vast sectors of the industry.

These key individuals have dovetailed their skills to form a unique partnership in which design flair and strong project leadership combine to ensure that  every project is harmoniously managed, designed, coordinated and delivered.

Our aim is to provide our clients with an understanding and responsive professional service. By understanding our clients business goals and related needs, we can provide the added value they have come to expect.